9 Amazing Benefits of Wheat Germ

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Athletic Performance


Recent popular studies have shown wheat germ to have high levels of naturally occurring octacosanol, which has certain ergogenic qualities. This means that when taken as a part of a regular diet, it can increase stamina and performance by regulating the biochemical pathways that produce energy, which in effect streamlines the saving of energy reserves in the body. These effects have been shown multiple times, but so many variables come into play that firm scientific backing for wheat germ as a performance-enhancing dietary choice is moderate to weak.

Cellular Metabolism

Another of the beneficial vitamins found in wheat germ is Vitamin B, which consists of a number of different vitamins. The most common types found in wheat germ are Niacin, Thiamine, and folates (discussed below). These vitamins are vital for cellular metabolism, helping to transform nutrients from carbohydrates, lipids, and glucose into consumable energy for the cells. Thiamine can also fight against metabolic disorders like chronic obesity. A higher functioning metabolism means more natural energy, as well as more successful weight loss, strength, and alertness. B vitamins can be found in many whole grains, and in particular, a high supply within wheat germ.

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