Natural Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

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Take Your Medicine Religiously

However, unlike in other illnesses, you can get away with taking anti-hypertensive medicine, but the disease can continue to progress inside the body without giving any notice. It can continue to damage your eyes, kidneys, and strain your heart. Continue to take your medicines as prescribed by your physician. In case you feel the need to cut them down, ask your physician. By missing your medications, you surely do not want to experience the rebound phenomenon where your blood pressure may rise back to the level it initially used to be.

Learn to Relax

Try to stay as calm, cool, and contented as possible. Meditation, yoga, biofeedback, and massage can help a great deal to relax. Even taking out time for rest is an important component of treatment. People who are stressed release a lot of adrenaline into their systems, which can constrict the arterioles, causing them to go into spasm. This makes it difficult for the heart to push the blood through constricted arterioles, which ultimately results in high blood pressure.

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