15 Effective Home Remedies for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

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9. Regular Exercises

Exercsies are benefial for anyone who are having symptoms of IBS. If you have time, a thirty – minute non-competitive exercise per day such as walking is badly needed to deal with the condition of IBS. In fact, exercises help relieve stress, the major cause of IBS, reduce naturally pain endorphins and keep your digestive system working effectively.

10. Manage Stress

As earlier – mentioned before, stress is one of the popular contributing factors to IBS. Hence, reducing stress is among impressive home remedies for IBS. To manage stress, you should start to practice yoga, meditation or simple breathing exercises.

How to apply:

  • Sit or lie down comfortably
  • Pay the attention to help the air go in and go out of your body
  • Concentrate completely on your breathing when you are invaded by upsetting or anxiety thoughts
  • Practice the exercise daily
  • Try to calm yourself whenever you get tenses and anxious

Let’s opt for another home remedies for stress  if you do not enjoy meditation or yoga.

11. Dairy Products

Some IBS patients might also suffer from lactose intolerant. That means they cannot consume lactose, the sugar which is found in dairy products or milk. In oder to treat the issue, lactase enzyme is always avaiblle under the tablet form and in several food products to alleviate its symptoms. You should opt for food products with low fat and skim milk instead of choosing whole milk ones containing fat than can be an irritant.

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